About Me

Princess. My parents originally named me Sarah, which means Princess. I did change my first name when I grew up, to something more befitting a Diva, but I remain a Princess at heart. I've been married for eight years to my Prince Charming, consumer activist and Highlander superfan, Gerrard Ashton. I don't mind that he's a little weird around the edges and he doesn't mind that I conduct myself as a Princess. He supports my competing in beauty pageants, understanding that sometimes a Princess just has to go after a bigger crown.

Warrior. When describing myself I often use the words passionate and idealistic. I believe in humanity. I believe in good triumphing over evil. I work to raise awareness about the growing issue of chemical injury in our increasingly toxic world and push industry to produce safer products for my husband who suffers from MCS, for my family and for my community. In a physical sense, I'm actually pacifist, but I do have a closet full of rhinestone encrusted corsets which could be used as lightweight (albeit unnecessarily glamorous) body armor, should the need arise.

Diva. I've been referred to from time to time, as a bit of a diva. I don't mind it. As a costume and accessories designer, Owner of LimeLightFashion.com and the as yet still on the drawing board Lime Light store/fashion show venue, I aim through my creations and my business to inspire others to embrace their inner diva too, by rocking something sparklicious and feeling fabulous in it. Basically, I'm just a girl who loves sparkly things and my aim in life is to have as many glitter filled nights as possible while spreading love and acceptance and making the world a cleaner, more beautiful place.