Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ah crap, did I just start the Apocalypse?

A horrifying thought occurred to me the other day and its got me all twisted up and confused about my goals. Well, ok not really. To tell the truth, it’s the kind of internal conflict that should have me all twisted up and conflicted, but it doesn’t. I suppose that’s the truly terrifying part, the fact that even the notion I may be contributing to true evil strengthening its foothold in our already corrupt and sinking society isn't dissuading me from wanting to promote my website, continue making new pieces to list in my Etsy store every night, and stockpiling supplies for genuinely fantastic statement art pieces to someday be displayed in galleries and in my own chain of storefronts.

I have these visions in my head for various objects which I intend to completely cover in rhinestones, large things, that will take a lot of frikin rhinestones. Like a mounted fiberglass replica of a marlin. I would call it “Disco Fish.” Its absurd and fabulous at the same time. As I’m thinking about the logistics in my head, though, I also thought about how I would describe my work when asked about it in a gallery setting.

The first question people will ask me about my art is am I trying to make a statement about excess? Something so blatantly excessive, it has to either be a commentary on our world of wanton do-whatever-you-want-iness, or its encouraging it. In my case, the whole theme of my business being “shameless glamour” – I’m not really going to be able to pull off making a social commentary on it. I’m totally encouraging it, and encouraging it shamelessly. I’m encouraging people to robe themselves in rhinestones and feathers, revel in excess and flaunt frivolity shamelessly. I’m basically promoting Sodom and Gomorra. I'm bringing on the very apocalypse.

I mean lets be honest, the end of the world has to be getting close anyway. Society is getting so corrupt and excessive and lustful with its 24 hours connectedness, automated everything, instant gratification everywhere, and now people like me out there selling rhinestone top hats and corsets. Real salt of the Earth, Angelique. There won’t be much use for a rhinestone encrusted corset during the apocalypse. Except for maybe as some kind of unnecessarily glamorous lightweight body armor. . .

Maybe that’s what’s got me so scared, really. The idea that the fun may be nearly over. Is it time to party like it’s 2011? I put off learning archery in favor of covering fish with rhinestones. Damn. Well, all I can really say is that if its almost over, if this is going to be the last year I have to ride the wave of frivolous bliss, I wouldn't want it any other way. At least I'll make some memories. I'm going to have a fabulous launch party a little later this year, and I'm going to go to New York this summer. I wouldn't want for the stupid apocalypse to happen and take away my means for being able to do those things, and not have done them. I wouldn't want to be huddling around a fire in a barrel at a refugee camp off some desolate dusty highway telling the youngsters about the good ol days and not have a fantastic story to explain why my body armor is made of rhinestones.

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